Bloom Energy Congratulates Gov. Newsom on H2Hubs Announcement

Hydrogen Pipe

Bloom Energy congratulates Governor Gavin Newsom and the State of California for securing up to $1.2 billion in awards by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to build and expand on clean hydrogen projects across the Golden State.

“It is a historic milestone for the hydrogen industry in the United States that the DOE has selected centerpiece hydrogen hubs for development,” said Rick Beuttel, Head of Business Development at San Jose-based Bloom Energy Inc. (NYSE:BE). “Our solid oxide electrolyzer technology, with its record efficiency producing hydrogen, can play a larger and larger role in the production of green and pink hydrogen. We are poised with a Gigafactory to support industrial decarbonization, production of derivatives such as ammonia, renewable diesel, or clean hydrogen for mobility applications like heavy truck and bus fleets.”

The DOE announced on October 13, 2023, a $7 billion, nationwide investment designed to launch seven Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs) across the country. This vital funding will support efforts to power public transportation, heavy duty trucks, port operations, and other important undertakings that support the commercializing of a clean hydrogen market across the country.

The H2Hubs, including California’s, were conceived by the Biden-Harris administration to accelerate and support the country’s commercial market for affordable and clean, renewable hydrogen, an immensely valuable energy product that facilitates a myriad of carbon emissions reduction strategies around the world.

“We were honored that our products and technologies were included in four of the proposals submitted to DOE and we thank Gov. Newsom for his leadership for securing nearly one-fifth of available funding for projects in California,” Beuttel added. “Our manufacturing and technology teams in Fremont, Ca., and Newark, De, are ready to help advance this program and deliver on its promise.”

The Bloom Electrolyzer can produce clean hydrogen from renewable sources such as nuclear, wind and solar energy. SK ecoplant, Bloom’s partner in many fuel cell projects around the world, said in May that it would be joining World Energy GH2’s $4.5 billion Nujio’qonik project in eastern Canada and will use the Bloom Electrolyzer to produce clean hydrogen from the wind energy there. Bloom has also produced clean hydrogen from Heliogen Inc.’s concentrated solar energy system.

The DOE’s financial support of the California Hydrogen Hub reflects a continued commitment to clean energy technology. Supported by innovative state tax incentives intended to spur investments in alternative energy manufacturing, Bloom Energy expanded its footprint in California with a new, state-of-the-art, 164,000 square foot factory in Fremont in June 2022 to produce components in its solid oxide technology.

Coupled with a dedicated production line at its Newark plant that has the capacity to produce 1 gigawatt of electrolyzers, Bloom Energy is proud to be on the forefront of our country’s push for a sustainable and commercialized market for clean hydrogen.