Empowering Voices Through the Bloom Women’s Series

I’ve always been passionate about empowering women. In fact, it’s something I’ve focused on over the past three decades throughout my career.

Having a women’s network is so important because it gives women a safe place and provides a forum to help us make progress. That’s why five years ago, I decided to team up with a band of women to establish Bloom Women’s Leadership Initiative (BWLI) – a program that fosters connection-building within our organization, inspires professional development, and empowers individual growth.

BWLI was built around the idea of making progress together. In honor of that vision, we started the Bloom women’s series this year, a collection of videos designed to give voice to the perspectives of women and men, across and outside our organization, to help carry on the #BalanceforBetter discussion – because we believe a balanced world is a better world.

Watch below for an array of career experiences and advice from inspiring individuals. I hope these voices can empower current and future generations of professionals.