Today’s electricity supply and demand are experiencing significant temporal variations. Weather-dependent renewable sources are causing supply-side fluctuations. Consumer and business applications like electric vehicle (EV) charging and artificial intelligence (AI) have highly variable loads with steep ramp-ups that also challenge the ability to deliver steady and predictable power. As a result, utilities are increasingly finding it hard to match supply and demand dynamically. Businesses rely on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as gas turbines, combustion engines, or fuel cells to meet their need for variable and reliable power.

This white paper discusses the latest technological breakthrough in Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology to enable load following for both Front-of-the-Meter applications for utilities and Behind-the-Meter applications for various end-use customers such as retail, EV chargers, and AI data centers. We call this solution the Be Flexible™ Energy Server.