Bloom Energy Recognized with Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Data Center Power Infrastructure

Global data center power costs are expected to increase by more than 80% in the next five years.

Think about that for a moment: Imagine managing a budget knowing that one of your largest costs is almost certain to rise 80% within five years. That’s a tough conversation to have with your boss, right?

According to Technavio, total worldwide data center power costs are growing 12.9% annually, representing an 83% cost expansion overall in just half a decade.

What’s behind this exponential growth?

As data center operators know only too well, the adoption of digital technologies and connected things is accelerating rapidly, and with it the need for data center capacity and power.

Reliable, affordable, clean electric power is the lifeblood of this digital economy. However, existing power systems are failing to meet its needs.

On the one hand, the electric grid in the US is 285% less reliable in this decade than it was 30 years ago. It is also more susceptible to extreme weather events and to the threat of cyber-attacks.

On the other hand, data center power systems and configurations have barely evolved in the past 25 years.  Many data centers continue to rely on complex power infrastructures consisting of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and batteries, stand-by generators and transfer switches. These passive components consume energy, and only become active in the event of a utility failure, when multiple sequential switching has to occur for the critical load to survive.

It is clear that the segment needs more innovative, more affordable, more reliable, more secure, and cleaner electric power.

This is precisely what Bloom Energy is delivering with its Mission Critical Energy Server solutions. Our solutions provide advanced, distributed electric power that offers a reliable, resilient, clean and cost-effective alternative to the electric grid. Our solution is an on-site stationary power generation platform, capable of delivering uninterrupted, 24×7 base load power that is fault tolerant. We’re proud to already call data center operators, AT&T and Equinix our customers.

Today, our mission critical solutions achieved another milestone when global technology consulting firm Frost & Sullivan awarded us a Technology Innovation Award in the Data Center Infrastructure Solutions category.

Frost Sullivan Awards

I couldn’t be more thrilled to receive accolades such as this, as we advance our mission to bring clean, reliable, affordable electricity to the whole world.

Thanks to all of the Bloom team members, and our customers, who are making this transformation possible in the mission critical sector.

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