San Jose Sharks Draft Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy has entered Sharks Territory! Bloom is partnering with the San Jose Sharks to electrify the Shark Tank – keeping the lights on, the air clean, the ice cold, and most importantly, the fans happy.

The San Jose Sharks are a professional ice hockey team in the National Hockey League (NHL) that has been collecting hat tricks and shutout wins for nearly three decades. With a team that skates onto the ice out of an open shark mouth and fans whose arms chomp like jaws during power plays, the Sharks are one of the most recognizable teams in the NHL.

But the Sharks are distinguished by more than their iconic traditions; they are also celebrated for being a pioneer of innovation and sustainability in the sports industry.

Seven years ago, the San Jose Sharks became one of the first professional sports franchises to adopt Bloom Energy’s high tech fuel cells, and the very first NHL team to do so. By embracing an innovative, alternative energy solution, the Sharks have been able to significantly reduce their electric power costs, and equally importantly, reduce air pollution in the San Jose community.

Using a technology first developed for NASA, Bloom Energy’s fuel cells generate electricity without combustion. As a result, they eliminate the emissions that cause smog and respiratory issues and allow the Sharks to greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

The latest generation Bloom Energy Servers will help the Sharks avoid 14.8 million pounds of CO2 emissions over the next 10 years – that’s equivalent to taking 1,442 cars off the road for one year.

The Sharks’ dedication to improving the San Jose community through innovation and sustainability extends beyond their adoption of alternative energy. At their home rink, sustainability initiatives to conserve water and reduce waste are priorities. Every year, the Sharks Foundation hosts community events like beach clean-up and beautification days; in April of 2017, they donated $127,000 to environmental awareness projects and programs, impacting 10,000 people across the Bay Area.

Reaching the people of the San Jose community and beyond is at the heart of the Sharks’ sustainability goals, and as a company also headquartered in San Jose, Bloom Energy is proud to partner with the Sharks to positively impact the local community.

In addition to powering the Sharks, Bloom Energy is thrilled to announce its new marketing partnership with the team! Bloom is charged up to be joining the Sharks family and representing in Sharks Territory.

With Bloom Energy powering the Shark Tank, and Sharks legend Joe Thornton recently earning his 1000th point with the team; maybe this will be the year the San Jose Sharks take home the Stanley Cup!